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I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this has seen this else where on the internet but I'm covering all my bases because having this happen would mean a lot to me.
So I submitted a design to Threadless and it actually got accepted to the voting round.

Undersea Weaponry - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

If this gets enough good votes and comments and gets printed, I get $2500 among other things. THAT MONEY WOULD PAY MY RENT FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER. This would be huge. I'd be a lot less stressed out and all the money I make over the summer at my burger job would help me save to start up as a freelance illustrator. It would be amazing.

So if you can, please, please, PLEASE vote and leave a comment. 5 is good. It would mean a lot. Here's a link if the one in the image doesn't work; http://threadless.com/submission/341264/Undersea_Weaponry.


Getting off my ass...

I'm posting my arts and comics here now reallifeishard. Wish me luck!


I need monies fast!

So, due to me being a complete moron and trusting people online (I'd rather not get into details on the internets for all to see, if you really want to know and I feel like I can tell you, I will or already have told you) I currently have $-900 in my bank account.
This is considerably less than zero.
In two weeks I'll be moving downtown in to my first apartment and will have a $600 rent check due.
So I need some monies super fast. Therefore I am selling many things in the next two weeks, the first of these being my mini-fridge:
Craigslist Ad with details!
Also in the upcoming weeks I'll be selling super cheap arts and possibly some dvd's, jewelry, books and an original NES if my brother doesn't buy it off of me.
Don't want my shit? Donations are appreciated. :D

EDIT: I also posted some earrings.
Here! <-- these ones are for stretched ears. :)

Hopping on the bandwagon

I joined Twitter. Because I am a whore for the internets.


So I'm doing another internet thing for school! Participate! I know everyone is busy, but if I had time on Monday to be a lesbian for someones video project, I think you have time to make 5 minute video about your first time on the internet.

Internet Video Diary Project!



My first flash video!

I made some flash for school. Here it is:
My Home is My Shelter.
It has sound, so turn on your speakers.


A link!

Everyone should email so I have lots of things. :)


Things I do while I watch Star Trek...

I have made my website better. It looks almost the same, but I swear it is better now.
Observe! pie-parade.com
No new art on it because I am lazy.
Spring break yeeeeeeah! Only I have a whole lot of homework to do over it.
Also! Congratulations to Shannonhery! I've heard England is nice. lol

More Lol Arts stuff...

An article with an image of my piece from the show;